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Easily design piping systems in Revit from 7 leading manufacturers

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Drawing piping systems from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Rehau, SANHA, VSH, Viega and Wavin is done in a blink of the eye with the MEPcontent PLiP for piping app for Revit.

With this app, engineers design piping systems at lightning speed while working with specific product data from their preferred suppliers. And always connected to the actual product databases in the cloud.

MEPcontent is part of the Stabiplan group, having more than 27 years of MEP experience delivering software, data and tools. MEPcontent, the largest BIM library for MEP engineers, offers up-to-date BIM content and productivity enhancing BIM applications for the MEP industry. MEPcontent is constantly expanding the number of apps and app functionalities to offer MEP engineers and other MEP specialists the ability to work faster on specific jobs to be done. The MEPcontent PLiP for piping app combines specific product- and trade data from 7 leading manufacturers with a powerful designing tool for Revit.  

Why would you as a busy draftsmen, MEP engineer, designer or modeler care? The app can save you a lot of time compared to other sophisticated modelling software. You only have to use the app interface to complete your piping system design in Revit. With the in-app Autorouting functionality, designing piping systems is done swiftly. The correct fittings and bends are selected automatically and placed on the bill of materials. Just draw and click and you’re done. Draftsmen can design the complete piping systems within the app. Both technical and trade data are included in the content, for use on the material and cutting lists.

In the free version of the PLiP all relevant SANHA systems in Revit and VDI3805 format are made available. These include the systems made of stainless steel (NiroSan® and NiroTherm®),  carbon steel (SANHA® Therm), copper (SANHA® Press) and the special lead-free drinking water series PURAPRESS®. The PLiP can be downloaded for free on store.mepcontent.com. If you also want to product lines from other brands, upgrade the app to get access to content from 6 other pipe system manufacturers.

Overview of the extra product lines available in the full app:

Geberit Mapress


VSH SkinPress

Geberit MeplaTherm

Viega Bronze R2

VSH SudoPress

Georg Fischer COOL-FIT® ABS

Viega Megapress

VSH Super

Georg Fischer COOL-FIT® 2.0

Viega Prestabo F1

VSH Xpress

Georg Fischer PB

Viega Profipress

Wavin Tigris Gas

Georg Fischer PE

Viega Sanpress Inox

Wavin Tigris Water

Georg Fischer PPR


Downloading this app only takes two minutes. Please sign in with your MEPcontent credentials or register for free to start downloading and using the app. 

Link to APP - Click here

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