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Helping installers stay competitive using remote monitoring

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The world has been rapidly changing for traditional security installation companies and there’s a danger of them being left behind if they don’t adapt. There’s pressure to offer much more diverse solutions; the fact that products and technology are always developing; and a desire to monitor and work remotely - all things they need to consider in their strategic planning.

In order to stay competitive, it’s important for companies to keep up with trends and adjust to these market and customer needs. In this business environment, working with a manufacturer that follows trends and develops products and technology accordingly can add a lot of value.

Embracing remote service

One of the emerging trends in the world of installers is the concept of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service). The use of video security, and as a tool for business analytics, is being managed remotely, via a Cloud network, to allow end users to realize the value of the service, without having to focus on it. This also, of course, means that they do not have to maintain it either, but allow installer to use technology to remotely keep an eye on their system.

VSaaS is growing very fast, and the Security Industry Association naming ‘move to service models’ as one of its ten ‘megatrends’ for the industry in 2021.

Like all businesses, installer companies are looking to the future to adapt to these trends, and some are even already embracing a new kind of business model. The ability to effectively provide service/maintenance contracts after a solution has been installed opens up a new revenue stream that can provide regular income.

The other side of this service coin is the fact that the use of remote monitoring and configuration allows installers to correct a wide range of issues without having to make the journey to the customer’s premises – saving costs on both time and travel. This has also added a safety element to the relationships, allowing people to keep their distance – a key element in recent operational thinking.

“To greet the trend of moving to the Cloud, security system integrators and installers are embracing it as a good chance to strengthen their business models”, says Peter Guan, Sales and Marketing Director of Hikvision Europe. “They are using the Cloud to provide services for their clients – such as system checks and remote maintenance – and consistently scale their business with efficiency.”

Flexibility through remote tech

Of course, where there are developing trends, there are innovative manufacturers working to cater for them. Hik-ProConnect, for example, is a convergent, cloud-based security solution that helps security providers to manage services for customers. Installers can monitor the system health status of customers’ sites remotely, and even resolve problems, using a simple and reliable platform.

This enables them to customize security solutions for customers with fully-converged Hikvision devices, covering video, intrusion, access, and intercom. From bug fixing to updating and configuration, a range of activities can be carried out simply from the comfort of the office. Customers can get a proactive, efficient service while an installer saves time, money and potential stress out on the road.

The solution provides different levels of interaction. Customers can reap the benefits of giving their installer the ability to keep an eye on their systems, so they can provide real-time support. They can also rest assured that they are getting the best quality of service, since installer management teams can have an oversight of how the projects are doing. Every operation carried out can be recorded and a log can be exported as a tool for reporting to customers and improving professionalism.

The system is designed with privacy in mind – installers will only be able to ‘see’ an end-user’s system if the end-user themselves agree to that. With GDPR regulations in force throughout Europe, its important installer companies understand this and weave it into their processes.

Hik-ProConnect also has various levels of service to cater for different types of management, cloud storage and account numbers connected. These can, in turn, be used by installer companies to inspire their own levels of support.

The Hik-ProConnect solution can also link into the existing Hik-Connect app, giving end-users a way to monitor their systems too.

All of these elements can help installers to proactively support end users, making fixes and upgrades simpler and more cost-effectively. Hik-ProConnect provides efficiencies and cost savings across the board and is scalable to adjust to future needs. And perhaps, most importantly, it supports customers as their needs change promoting that most valuable asset – customer loyalty.

When new technologies are considered and their potential realized, they can really help an installer company to keep up with trends and compete. In partnership with innovative manufacturers they can stay ahead of changing markets, rather than being dragged along behind them, or even being left behind.

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