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New DVR brings more channels for a flexible solution

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has released the new Turbo 4.0 DVR series with 24 and 32 channel options, giving customers the capability of connecting even more cameras (including IP cameras). This makes it a flexible multichannel solution. It comes as an addition to the Turbo 4.0 solution launched earlier this year.

The DVR boasts 5-in-1 input with more analogue and IP channels (up to 32 analogue + 32 IP camera access, or a potential of a maximum of 64 IP cameras, with analogue channels disabled).

The inclusion of Hikvision’s H.265+ codec gives the recorder maximised storage capacity, allowing longer storage time and a lower bandwidth requirement, despite the high resolution of the images it processes.

The analogue nature of the recorder, and its large amount of channels and disks, makes it a flexible addition to any solution. It also make it competitive for installers, especially in the project market. It supports the standard RAID functionality.

The model has a POS function, which proves really useful for retail markets. This overlays the transaction information on the POS terminal linked camera's live video synchronously. It supports fuzzy search retrieval and can be widely applied to retail applications. 

Peter Guan, Channel and Marketing Director, says: “Clear competitive advantages in H.265+, multiple channels/disks and Smart functions make this new DVR relevant to all scenarios which need relatively central deployment. We attach high importance to the H.265+ multichannel market and are optimistic about making a new breakthrough in the project market.”

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